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Here you will find the latest editions of our Focus newsletter – keeping residents informed of in their area:

Focus February 2022 asked residents to support a petition urging Go-Ahead to consider a future home for the bus garage away from residents houses, given the impact hat frequent through the night bus journeys were having on the local area.   Support was also given to the Council’s plans to improve Rosehill Park, including a new flood defence scheme, a bike track, an upgraded path for cyclists and pedestrians.  Focus also reported the shocking deaths of four young boys in a house fire in Collingwood Road.

Focus winter 2021 reported on the work being done in Rosehill Park to plant additional trees.  We paid tribute to the work of the Friends’ group and to the Parks service.  Steve gave feedback from the Planning Inspectors inquiry into Helena House, and also reported on the Topps Tiles development proposals.  Focus also reported on the demand in Bushey Road for a 20 mph limit, where cars are often exceeding this speed.

Focus summer 2021  updated residents on the latest position for the proposed school for Rosehill Park, where the government has questioned the need for the school and it is possible that the additional places could be provided at existing schools.  Focus also reported on the installation of electric vehicle charging points in local streets, and the work being done in our local parks by our Friends groups.

Focus Autumn 2020.  After a break over the summer due to the pandemic, Focus is back with reports about the Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial, encouraging residents to submit their views to the Council consultation.  Focus also reported on the residents’ survey we have been conducting on traffic issues in Collingwood Road, and on the planning appeal for the proposed school in Rosehill Park, where the government is due to make a decision in February.

Focus introduced Luisa Porritt, the Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London, and reported on our campaign to ask the government to think again on their plans to scrap free travel for the under-18s.

Focus Spring 2020 led with the consultation on the Morden to Sutton cycleway, which could lead to measures being taken to reduce rat run traffic in Benhill Wood Road, Elgin Road and Grennell Road.  Consultation meetings were held in March.  Focus also reported on the planned start for the Aultone Way residents parking scheme at the beginning of April, and the unprecedented news that the Government minister would decide on the proposed school for Rosehill Park.

Focus Feb 2020 gave details of the appeal hearing for the proposed school in Rosehill Park, due to begin in March.  It also reported on the proposed Permit Parking Area for Aultone Way/ Greenhill/ Woodend, which was expected to be implemented shortly.  and on the impact of the safety improvements in Collingwood Road.  Focus also reported on Lib Dem calls for stronger action on domestic abuse, on the consultation to keep A&E open at St Helier following the plans to move it to Belmont, and on our commitment to Fair Trade in Sutton.

Focus Autumn 2019 reported that the Planning Committee had turned down the proposal for the new school on Rosehill Park.  Focus also gave details of changes being proposed for the Permit Parking Area in the Aultone Way area, and reported on a bid for funding to reduce the need for residents to use cars to access the town centre.  Focus also reported on delays to the Angel Hill pedestrian crossing.

Focus June 2019 reported back on the final parking proposals, including a PPA for the Aultone Way area, free parking bays with restrictions in Rosehill gardens, and Longford and Chudleigh Gardens, an extension of the CPZ in Benhilton Gardens and extensions of double yellow lines in other roads to ease access problems.  Focus also reported on councillors opposition to the plans for a new school in Rosehill Park, and publicised the Fayre on Sutton Green.

Focus spring 2019 publicised the developers’ proposals for the new school on Rosehill Park, and set out why we feel these are unacceptable.  Focus also gave an update on the parking consultation, and reported on the measures being taken to safeguard our parks from unauthorised encampments.  Focus also featured the new on-demand bus trial due to take place.

Focus autumn 2018 reminds residents about three major consultations taking place:  the consultation on the parking proposals; the road safety improvements in Collingwood Road; and the tramlink proposals.  Encouraging people to respond.  Focus also gives the welcome news of the planned reopening of the Charles Cryer theatre, our commitment to air quality, and calls for a People’s vote to avoid a no deal Brexit.

Focus summer 2018 says thank you for your support in the recent Council elections,  expresses our concern over the standard of the grass verge cutting this year, and highlights the new children’s play area recently opened in Chaucer Gardens.  Focus also reports on our continuing concern over the Police cuts and merger plans.

Focus March 2018  leads with an article about the Prince Regent.  It also reports on the planning application for the allotments in Woodend/Greenhill that has been turned down, and that funding has been allocated to make road safety improvements in Collingwood Road.

Focus February 2018 reports on the results of the Community Speedwatch events with the local Police in Collingwood Road and Rose Hill Park West, and consults on the need for better access at Sutton Common station.  There is also mention of the new bus stop in Edinburgh Road and the improvements in cleaning to the toilets in Rosehill Rec.

Focus November 2017 tells us about the makeover at Sutton Library, which will bring most of the books down to the ground floor, improve study spaces, the children’s library, and expand the heritage and family history service.  It also reports on concerns about cuts to police funding, gives the latest about the Cancer Hub, and news about borough parks.

Focus October 2017 leads with the news that the toilet block on Sutton Green is to be converted into a cafe, and also gives an update on parking in the area.  There is also an item from Amna on funding for the investment needed at St Helier hospital,  news about recycling, and early notice that Sutton Library will close in November for refurbishment.

Focus summer 2017 gives the latest news on the proposed school for Rosehill,  and also invited any residents still having problems with the refuse collection to get in touch with us.  Other news included the consultation on the Quietways proposal, and road safety issues in Collingwood Road.

Amna Ahmad thanked residents for their support during the General Election.  Amna also reports on the lack of investment in St Helier hospital and the lack of a decent pay rise for vital public sector workers.

Focus April 2017 reports on how we are working with residents to tackle speeding traffic issues in Rosehill Park West, Collingwood Road and Sutton Common Road, and also gives an update on the ‘local listing’ of the Prince Regent.  There is also news of the planning application for housing on the Garden Suburb allotments, while Amna reports on government cuts to school budgets and her London Marathon run; and Ruth gives details of the investment in the Cancer Hub.

Focus early 2017 leads with the latest news about the Prince Regent pub; with news also on the proposed Quietways cycle route, Chaucer House and Gardens winners of the SHP Star awards, and the consultation on the draft local plan.  There is also planning news about Benhilton Gardens and for the allotment land in Sutton Garden Suburb.  Amna Ahmad writes on her work to  find a solution to the NHS funding crisis, and calls for Southern Rail to be sacked, while Ruth Dombey talks about the Admiral nurses: helping people living with dementia.

Focus Winter 2016 includes the proposal to safeguard a site in Rosehill Park for a new School; abandoning plans for a travellers’ site for Kimpton Road;  de-listing of the Prince Regent pub leaving it open for development;  plans for pedestrian safety improvement at Angel Hill junction;  Amna Ahmad on Southern rail chaos; and Ruth Dombey on keeping vulnerable people warm this winter.

Focus Summer 2016 with a report on parking proposals in the Grennell Road area; an update on the possible use of part of Rosehill Park for a school site; news about changes to refuse collection to improve recycling and save money; concern about the threat to local pharamacies; and an update on the proposal for a Travellers’ Site.

Focus Feb 2016 including the consultation on the Sutton Local Plan and Town Centre Masterplan, the ‘Clean for the Queen’ national litter campaign, Caroline Pidgeon: our voice in London, Lib Dem proposals for more ‘wrap around’ child care, Tory MP votes against better standards in rented homes, Lib Dems give priority to mental health.

Focus Dec 2015 covering traffic and parking, the new high school site, updates on planning and parking issues, the effect of government cuts on working families and cuts in the police.

Focus Autumn 2015 tackling isolation, parking, updates on Greenshaw building works, Gasworks site in the High St, Northspur Road, disabled job seekers, digital tea party, Housing Zone status for Sutton.

Focus June 2015 including Thank You General Election result, oppose school on Rosehill Park, parking problems

Focus is produced and delivered with voluntary help throughout the ward.  If you would like to help deliver Focus, or if you are not receiving a regular Focus through your door please let us know.