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Sutton Council has refused planning permission to add two extra storeys on top of Helena House.  Planning application DM2021/02062 sought prior approval to add two new floors to provide 12 self contained flats. The proposal was refused as planning officers decided that ‘the proposed external appearance of the two-storey addition would constitute a discordant and obtrusive […]

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Update on Helena House

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 23 December, 2021

Two important pieces of news about Helena House.  Firstly the government-appointed Planning Inspector has overturned the Council’s decision to refuse the application for a part-5, part-8 storey building with 41 flats on this site and allowed the developer’s appeal to build. Sutton had turned down the application because of the scale and massing of the […]

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Further plans to add two storeys to Helena House

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 15 November, 2021

An application (No. DM2021/02062) has been received for ‘prior approval’ for the construction of two additional storeys on top of the existing Helena House building, to provide twelve new studio flats.  A similar application was turned down by the Council in December last year. The Conservatives relaxed the planning rules two years ago to allow […]

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Appeal hearing for Helena House

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 20 October, 2021

Cllr Steve Penneck attended the recent appeal hearing for Helena House.  Councillors on Sutton’s Planning Committee had refused the application to build a part-5, part-8 storey building with 41 flats on this site.  See here for details. The appeal hearing, which was held on-line on 12 October, focused on the impact of the development on the […]

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New planning application for Helena House

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 22 August, 2021

Residents will be familiar with the planning history of this site.  Last year the developer put in a planning application to add two further storeys on the roof for flats, with no improvements to the rest of the building.  Your ward councillors objected and the Council turned it down.  Prior to that the developer proposed demolition […]

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School to go ahead on Rosehill Park

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 26 March, 2021

The Conservative government has approved the new school on Rosehill Park, overturning Sutton’s decision to refuse planning permission because of the poor design, including classrooms without windows. This is despite the Minister agreeing that the design of the school does not meet Sutton’s standards, and ‘would have a harmful impact on the visual setting’ of […]

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Three planning applications for Topps Tiles!

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 11 March, 2021

There are in fact now three similar planning applications for the Topps Tiles site (341 High St). The three are: DM2021/00043 Two blocks Block B Five storey facing the High St 25 flats Block A Four storey in car park in Vale Road 9 flats DM2021/00042 Two blocks Block B Six storey facing the High […]

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Helena House proposal goes to appeal

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 10 March, 2021

The developer has appealed against Sutton Council’s refusal to grant planning permission for a part-5, part-8 storey building with 41 flats on this site. The proposal was turned down last September by Sutton and further details are here The proposal was turned down because of the scale and massing of the building, which is above […]

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Sutton’s Planning Committee granted planning permission on 3 March for nine two storey houses with accommodation at roof level together with parking, a new vehicle access from Woodend, landscaping, provision of open space, a pavilion and allotment plots. For further details of the application (No. DM2019/00322) see our post in June last year Residents will […]

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Demolition notice served on Prince Regent

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 16 February, 2021

A demolition notice for the Prince Regent has now been served. Planning permission was granted for the development of a block of flats on this site last October. The Prince Regent pub, formerly The Cricketers, was a well-established part of the High St, but has been derelict for many years.  Sadly once it lost its […]

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