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Sutton Local Committee to meet on 12 November at 7pm

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 6 November, 2020

Local Committees are resuming their business virtually, using an internet link.  Local Councillors and community representatives will be able to meet via the internet to discuss important local issues.  The agenda and papers are here.  Residents will be able to view the meeting using this link, which is also on the agenda page. On the […]

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Can you suggest projects that could benefit our area?

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 22 August, 2020

Sutton Council is asking for ideas that could benefit our area. When developers create new dwellings or retail space within the borough they usually pay a levy to the Council which can be used towards these improvements.  This has been put into a Neighbourhood Fund, to address the demands which development place on local areas. […]

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Sutton Local Committee

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 20 May, 2020

The next two meetings of Sutton Local Committee, those due to be held on 4 June and 17 September, have been cancelled. As your local Councilors we are keeping in touch with residents through regular emails. If you want to be added to our email list, please email: [email protected] Also check with this website and […]

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Local committee to discuss Climate Emergency

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 17 February, 2020

The next meeting of the Local Committee will be on 27 February at 7pm at the Holy Family Church Hall, Sorrento Road.  The papers are here. There will be a presentation on the Climate Emergency.  Sutton Council has stepped up its commitment to tackling carbon emissions and rising temperatures by declaring a ‘Climate Change Emergency’.  […]

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Sutton Local Committee cancelled

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 7 November, 2019

Because of the General Election, the Local Committee meeting scheduled for 14 Nov has been cancelled.  As have other Council committees.  This is to ensure the Council does not inadvertently promote any issues through these meetings that may be politically contentious or give a platform for any political campaigns during the election period.  The next […]

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Sutton Council is consulting residents on how they want to be consulted on issues that affect them.  The consultation is here, and the deadline for responses is 10 March.  Local Committees are one way that the Council consults, and so feedback is requested on how effective this is.    

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Opening of Sutton Green cafe Friday 16 Nov at 1pm

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 14 November, 2018

The new cafe on Sutton Green will be officially opened by the Mayor of Sutton at 1pm this Friday.  This long awaited event, following a refurbishment of the old toilet block by Sutton Local Committee will provide the Green with a friendly cafe and also much needed toilets. The toilet block closed many years ago, […]

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Residents have their say at Local Committee meeting

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 17 September, 2018

The last meeting of Sutton Local Committee on 6 Sept was very well attended by local community groups and other residents. There was a lively public question time, with questions from residents (no notice needed) on: The future of Helena House and the Prince Regent The progress with the proposed school on Rosehill Park Weeds […]

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Next Sutton Local Committee

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 2 September, 2018

The next Sutton Local Committee is on Thurs 6 Sept at 7pm at the Salvation Army hall, Benhill Ave.  It is attended by local Councillors from the Sutton area, and representatives of community groups.  All residents are warmly welcomed and given the chance to ask questions on any local issue at a public question time.  […]

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Parking strategy update

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 4 June, 2018

We were hoping for a full report on the parking survey at the Sutton local Committee meeting on 7 June, and are disappointed that it is not ready yet. Of the 43,000 surveys that were delivered, the Council received 5,500 responses with some very detailed comments and suggestions. All the responses are being analysed on […]

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