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Local elections 2022

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 8 May, 2022

Cllrs Sam Cumber and Ruth Dombey would like to thank everyone who voted for us to continue to serve as your Liberal Democrat councillors for Sutton North ward. Commiserations to Chris Hawton and a huge tribute to Marlene Heron and Steve Penneck who both served the ward as councillors for many years but have now […]

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As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions lift, the Council is re-opening services as soon as they are able to, with the safety of staff and the public as the top priority at all times. As these venues and facilities reopen, there will be changes made to the opening hours, set up and service in order to […]

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Liveable Neighbourhoods – have your say

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 13 September, 2019

As part of its commitment to make the Borough ‘a great place to live, work and raise a family’, Sutton Council is preparing a bid to Transport for London for funding to make it easier for residents to access Sutton town centre and create stronger neighbourhoods. If successful, we hope to invest in the Borough’s […]

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Council cracks down on traders using Kimpton Road

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 10 December, 2018

The Recycling Centre at Kimpton Parkway is for residents to recycle and dispose of their household waste. The disposal of commercial waste by traders is not permitted.   The introduction of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system has indicated that the service is being abused by traders, with some accessing the site dozens of times a month. The council is […]

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Give your views on future sustainability in Sutton

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 3 September, 2018

Sutton Council is currently consulting on a new Sustainability Strategy for the borough that will run from April  2019 – 2025. The draft strategy sets out the borough’s ambitions to improve air quality, reduce energy use, create a greener borough, minimise waste, create a circular economy, and adapt to climate change. The consultation is open […]

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Sutton Council granted injunction to prevent illegal encampments

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 23 August, 2018

Following a series of illegal incursions on parks and green spaces in Sutton, the Council has  obtained a temporary injunction to prevent encampments.   The injunction forbids the occupation of council owned land and depositing of waste, for an initial period of three months. A copy of the order is being posted at the entrances to […]

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Sutton North’s third outdoor gym ready at Chaucer Gardens

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 30 April, 2018

The third outdoor gym in Sutton North has been installed on the playing field at the back of Chaucer Gardens, by the footpath that leads to Stayton Road.  It is available for all adults to use. The equipment includes: a pedal cycle, a rower (quite difficult this one), pull up bars and a hyper-tension bench. […]

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Prince Regent application refused

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 18 April, 2018

Sutton Council has refused the planning application (no B2017/78658) to develop the Prince Regent site into a six storey block of flats.  Cllr Steve Penneck had de-delegated the application, meaning that it would be referred to the Planning Committee for decision if needed but given the decision to refuse, that is no longer necessary. Planning Committee […]

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Heritage of Sutton North listed

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 17 March, 2018

The recently adopted Sutton Local Plan includes an updated list of Locally Listed Buildings.  You can find it here. The document guides planning decisions and is covered by policy 30 ​of the Local Plan which specifically says that the Council will encourage the retention, repair and reuse of Locally Listed Buildings and Structures. Locally Listed Buildings in Sutton […]

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Town centre update

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 3 February, 2018

Lots happening in the High St over the next few weeks. Sutton Library will be reopening again this spring after its major refurbishment.  The children’s library is being be moved downstairs to a more accessible space and create a stimulating and safe environment for children and parents to use, right next to the cafe.  The bulk […]

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