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Sutton Garden Suburb

Sutton Garden Suburb lies to the east of Rosehill. It was designated as a Conservation Area in 1989. To the west, the conservation area comprises terraced and semi-detached housing around small central ‘closes’ along Aultone Way. To the east a former allotment is enclosed by the rear gardens of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses along Woodend, Greenhill and Aultone Way.

The Garden Suburb was built by Thomas Wall, the local philanthropist, around the beginning of the First World War and was designed by Cavendish Pearson.  It was originally intended to be much bigger, but the war put an end to the project.  The houses that were built used a vernacular style dominant in Garden City thinking at the time.  The area between Green Hill, Woodend and Aultone Way, enclosed by the houses, was originally a recreation ground, and then an allotment owned by the householders.  It was bought by developers in the 1990s and has been disused since.

In July 2008 a Conservation Area Management Plan  was adopted following public consultation.  The Plan is based on the findings of the Sutton Garden Suburb Conservation Area Character Appraisal, which was undertaken from mid to late 2005.  The related maps are here.