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Parking suspended for gully cleaning in Benhilton Gardens, Hunting Gate Mews and Hallmead Road

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 30 June, 2016

Parking will be suspended on Wednesday 6 July in:
Benhilton Gardens    – Even number side of Road,
Hunting Gate Mews    – Both sides of Entrance,
and Hallmead Road    – Even number side of Road
And on Monday 11th July in:
Benhilton Gardens        – odd number side of Road
and Hallmead Gardens  – odd number side of Road
This will allow gully cleaning to take place.  Signs will be posted in advance and cones placed next to gully pots to warn of works.
This will be a repeat visit because previously the notices and cones were ignored.  On this visit the parking suspension will be enforced and anyone parking will be ticketed and fined.
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