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Parking proposals go ahead for Angel Hill, Leafield Road, Hillview Road, Northspur Road and Gloucester Gardens

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 16 October, 2016

Following the statutory consultation with residents a few weeks ago, proposals to restrict parking in these areas will now ahead in early November. These measures are designed to improve road safety, mainly by improving sight lines at junctions, and also to improve access.  They include (click on the following to find a map of the proposal):

The Leafield Road area is the only proposal to have been modified following concerns raised by residents in the statutory consultation.  Here the double yellow lines have been restricted to the corner of Burford Road and Clensham Lane, the corner of Minster Ave and Burford Road, and the corner of Leafield Road and Minster Ave.  Consultation with the Fire Service showed that parking protection at the corners was essential to enable access for fire engines.  This limited scheme will not solve all the access problems in this area.  The Council will be working up more comprehensive parking proposals later next year, which will look at parking difficulties over a wider area.  In the meantime, residents are asked to park their vehicles sensibly, particularly large vans, to ensure access and safety in this area.

All the other schemes have remained the same.  Many thanks to all who contributed to both the earlier informal consultation and to the statutory consultation.

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