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Proposal for pedestrian safety improvement at Angel Hill Junction

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 3 December, 2016

The Council has secured  funding from Transport for London to carry out improvements to the Angel Hill Junction (junction with All Saints Road and Sutton Common Road).  Residents had told Councillors about the lack of pedestrian facilities at the Angel Hill junction.  All Saints (Benhilton) School was also concerned about the safety of parents with buggies crossing the road.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve at the Angel Hill Junction

Ruth, Marlene and Steve at the Angel Hill Junction

So the Council applied for funding to investigate the issue and is now consulting residents on the proposal.

The proposal includes the introduction of a staggered crossing island with a pedestrian phase to ensure that pedestrians can cross safely.  This will require some slight retimings of the traffic lights with minimal increases in queue lengths.

The scheme requires substantial realignment of the kerb on the Hallmead Road side of the junction.  Both kerbs will be cut back to make room for the pedestrian island.  To allow the footway to be maintained, the grass verges will need to be reduced.

This will be a shared use crossing to allow cyclists and pedestrians to use the crossing.

Please follow this link to a questionnaire which enables you to see the proposal in detail and express a view on whether you agree or disagree. Details and plan of the proposal are shown within the consultation.

At this stage the Council wants informal views to help shape the final design.  Please respond by Sunday 8 January


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