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Residents call for action on speeding traffic in Collingwood Road

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 10 March, 2017

Residents have called for action to slow down traffic in Collingwood Road.  Parents at Westbourne School raised their concerns at the regular meeting we have with the police.  They listed a number of accidents and near misses caused by speeding and careless driving.  They are also concerned about buses speeding along the road late at night.   As a result we have called a meeting between police, the traffic engineers and the bus company.
The meeting will be looking to ensure the problems are well understood and will look at a range of options including:
  • better crossing faclities
  • more effective speed humps
  • any other solutions

These problems are not new, and residents have been consulted on a crossing proposal in the past, and have rejected it.  However the problem has got worse.

Please contact us if you have views on this issue.
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