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Prince Regent ‘Locally listed’

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 31 March, 2017

Sutton Council’s Housing, Economy and Business Committee agreed on 21 March to grant the Prince Regent ‘locally listed’ status.

The report considered by Committee noted that the property was originally a row of late 18th or 19th Century cottages. They were of a vernacular design with horizontal timber cladding and sash windows. In the early 20th Century, the property became a pub and shopfronts were added to the front elevation. In the 1930s a two-storey rear extension was added. In the 1980s, there was a fire at the pub, which may have resulted in the recovering of the cottage roofs and alterations to the chimney stacks. The interior is unrecognisable from its time as cottages.

The building represents a local style of building and is the sole building around Sutton Green dating from the time when Sutton Green was the centre of Sutton and before the centre “migrated” up the hill with the draw of the railways. The pub was a nationally Listed building until the autumn of 2016, when Historic England decided to de-list the property.  However, Historic England also commented that “the building clearly has local interest as one of the few remaining historic buildings that reflect the history and development of Sutton and its local vernacular style.”

Historic England advises that “creating a local heritage list is a way for local communities to identify and celebrate historic buildings”.  Sutton has held a local list of notable buildings for a number of years and, currently, it comprises 90 different buildings and structures.


4 Responses

  1. Local Resident says:

    Very surprising , the pub has for number of years been a major eye sore , do not see logic of allowing continuation of the derelict site when around the site lot of impressive investment going on , i do understand why plan for the block of flats was rejected as far to high , be interesting to see what happens to the site , danger will be left undeveloped and continue to pull area down

  2. Oakhill Road says:

    There is only one threat to the area and that is Mizen! The pub was “run down”, mismanaged and turned into an eyesore while they owned it – precisely because they wanted to demolish it and build a 9-storey block of flats. Come on councillors, can’t you do anything about disingenuous developers buying up places and keeping them derelict, like the North end of the High Street and the Prince Regent, so they can demolish them and rip the soul out of Sutton with identikit 1-bed box-shaped, character-free rabbit hutches? Sutton deserves better.

  3. George Davies says:

    I’ve just walked passed the pub and was met with a roof slate falling on the pavement. It’s been two years since the doors closed and who’s got money to spend refurbishing it?

  4. Amy says:

    Hopefully it will be refurbished as a pub again. I have no problem with new housing, especially when it’s help to buy for young first time buyers. But, a pub with all the historic character intact, that’s child and dog friendly and does great Sunday roasts, would help to create an element of community that the north end of Sutton so desperately needs.

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