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Prince Regent application refused

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 18 April, 2018

Sutton Council has refused the planning application (no B2017/78658) to develop the Prince Regent site into a six storey block of flats.  Cllr Steve Penneck had de-delegated the application, meaning that it would be referred to the Planning Committee for decision if needed but given the decision to refuse, that is no longer necessary.

Planning Committee for decision, but when he heard that officers were recommending refusal, he re-delegated it to them so the decision could be made.

The officers have given several reasons for refusing the application.   The refusal letter is here.  These include:

  • The provision of affordable housing is inadequate, which would harm the promotion of mixed and balanced communities
  • There are issues with the design of the building.  Its forward projection would result in a large blank facade adjacent to Helena House, which would result in harm to the street scene, and fails to create an attractive private and public space
  • The proposed commercial unit on the ground floor is not of an adequate size and would not be a viable unit.

The site is located within an area for taller building potential for buildings of up to 6 storeys (in the Local Plan and the Sutton Town Centre Master Plan), so officers do not think that the scale and height of the building is a justifiable reason to refuse the application.

Although the pub is locally listed, officers consider that it is difficult to justify a reason for refusal on this basis.  The reason being is that it was de-listed by Historic England, due to lack of architectural interest and historical interest.  Although the Council’s policy encourages the retention, repair and reuse of Locally Listed Buildings, it does not prohibit their demolition.  Only national listing by Historic England can do this.

We will keep residents informed of further developments at this site.  It is possible for the applicant to appeal.  Given the potential redevelopment of Helena House next to the site, we will discuss with planning officers what can be done to encourage a development of these sites which is in keeping with their position near the Green, and provides an element of the heritage of the Prince Regent.


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