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Collingwood Road road safety: you said, we have listened.

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 28 January, 2019

We got a good response to this consultation, with 45 people taking the trouble to reply – which is a good figure for a consultation of this sort.  You will recall that the Council proposals included:

  • Width restrictions with give-ways to replace existing refuge islands and speed cushions
  • Reversal of the one-way on Anton Crescent
  • Improvement to walking routes leading to school
  • Raised junction entries
  • Improved signage and road markings

The purpose of the proposals is to reduce the speed of traffic, help to enforce the ban on heavy vehicles, and make the road safer for parents taking their children to Westbourne School.

There was majority support from those who responded to all the proposals, with strong support for the raised junctions, improved walking route to the school and better signage and road markings.

There was concern from a few about the width restrictions, and changing the traffic flow in Anton Crescent.  Also comments that width restrictions would take away parking – however they are generally sited where there are already yellow lines or traffic islands so parking is not currently possible.  The detailed design will look to minimise parking loss further; and any loss has to be balanced against the improved road safety.  There was also concern about the double yellow lines in Anton Crescent, and what the arrangements for dropping off children will be.

Some of your responses:

‘Really pleased with the proposals – it will make a big difference to me as I have been one of the complainants about noise and vibrations from speed cushions. I think it will discourage large vehicles and general cut through traffic. Thank you for listening to my concerns.’

‘Due to the priority give ways these will take away our on street parking spaces as parking is difficult enough as it is we need to keep those spaces for residents and residents visitors.’

‘I am really happy with all the proposed changes and hope that they will be implemented as soon as possible.’

‘Big improvement on current arrangements. Particularly pleased about speed cushion removal as these have been a real nuisance. If budget allows, I would suggest one of those signs that measures speed and shows it back to you (or smiley/sad face one). Hope this gets implemented soon and that overall road surfaces will also be improved at the same time.’

‘When double lines are placed on Anton Crescent, where will parents park their cars to drop off kids?  This will result queuing on Anton Crescent, and people stopping in the middle of the road, dropping their kids, and blocking all the road.’

‘I hope this goes ahead it’s so dangerous in Collingwood Road no one does 20 miles it will be so much better and safer it needs to be done before someone is hurt or even killed.’

We want to encourage more parents to walk their children to school, but this is not possible for all, and a layby for drop off outside the school is proposed.  We will look at whether the double yellow line can be scaled back to a restriction during schools opening and closing times only.

Some have asked for a traffic light controlled crossing for Collingwood Road, but the count carried out last year showed that there are not enough people crossing to justify this.

We have listened to what residents have said, and will work hard to ensure the scheme quickly moves to the next stage.  There needs to be a formal consultation on those proposals which need it, while we hope that the footway widening on Anton Crescent, width restrictions and refuge islands removal on Collingwood Road can start early.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve


6 Responses

  1. Mrs Dunn says:

    Please also consider disabled parents who have to drive their children to school

    • Steve Penneck says:

      Thanks for raising this Mrs Dunn. We will propose a disabled space in the dropping off area outside the school.

  2. Lauren McMenemy says:

    Great to hear the school end of Collingwood Rd is getting safer. We’re half-way down the road and had major concerns about changes to parking around Chaucer Rd – the second time parking was being reduced in that particular precinct. Any update on what’s happening there?

  3. CindyKennard says:

    At the moment parents park everywhere on Anton crescent, it’s not so much when they are dropping them off but in the afternoon to pick them up. Parents arrive as early as 2pm to get a space even if it is over our drives. I have been insulted and sworn at if I ask parents to move so that i can use my driveway. Double yellow lines are going to make this even more of a problem. Do you expect parents to walk their children to school when it is pouring down with rain or
    snowing? Please try to give more thought to this problem for those of us who have to deal with this every school day. Thankyou

  4. Marie Robinson says:

    The crossing islands at the beginning of Anton Crescent are already causing traffic problems on the A217 in the morning and evening rush hour.

    How is this going to work with the 80 bus route? Is this route to be changed?

    There is already traffic lights with safe crossing some 20-30 metres away.

    I thought Westbourne encouraged all pupils to walk to school as part of a healthy lifestyle. Kids love the rain just as long as you dress them for the part. Too many parents drive to the school nowadays when they should be encouraged to walk. Obviously this does not apply to disabled parents.

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