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Planning news in Sutton Common Road

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 4 April, 2020

A planning application has been received for the site on the corner of Marlborough Road and Sutton Common Road, adjacent to No 83. The application is for a detached two-storey house.  This is planning application no DM2020/00282.  It can be viewed here:

Any comments on the application may be made through the Council’s planning website here.  Comments should be made by 14 April.

This site has a long history of planning applications. Permission has been successively granted between 1991 and 2016 for a 3-bed detached house. This house has never been built. Permission was refused for a 4-bed house in 2016.

The current application has three bedrooms, with a study as a fourth room on the first floor.

Further down the road, at No 91, the Planning Inspector has dismissed a appeal for the conversion of the existing house into 3 self
contained flats with the erection of a two storey rear and side
extension and conversion of the loft space. This planning application had been turned down by Sutton Council in 2019.

The Council had turned down several similar planning applications to convert the property into flats. They were concerned that the proposal led to the loss of a family house, which is much in demand, without providing better quality housing. Also the proposal would create a dominant building on the street scene, and additional on-street parking.

The Planning Inspector disagreed with the point on parking, but agreed with the Council’s other points and dismissed the appeal.

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