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20 mph limit to be retained

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 26 March, 2021

Residents will be aware that the Low Traffic neighbourhood road closures were accompanied by a 20 mph speed limit in the area to the east of Angel Hill/ Rose Hill. The authority for the 20mph limit came from the same traffic order as the road closures, which has now been rescinded and the closures removed.  At the urging of your local councillors the Council has now published a new traffic order to allow the 20 mph limit to continue.

The Council is legally required to consult on the speed limit proposal.  You can respond on-line here.  Everyone in the affected area should have received a letter from the Council, encouraging you to respond to the consultation by the deadline of April 15th

We are also pressing for the 20mph limit to be extended to include Rose Hill, Angel Hill and the roads to the west including Sutton Common Road, Stayton Road and Bushey Road.  If you support this extension, please say so in the comments section of the consultation.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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  1. Dillon Adams says:

    The school streets scheme at my son’s school made dropping and picking him up a much more pleasant experience. Now is back to the normal chaos. Lots of parents fighting to park as close as possible and then standing around talking to each other after dropping their children. The same parents won’t let you cross the road at junctions when I’m walking him and actually drive aggressively at you as the are so focused on getting out of the junction. There’s also the pointless idling of their engines and the on pavement parking.

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