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Improvements to the Oakhill Road/ High Street junction

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 20 July, 2021

Sutton Council is consulting residents on possible improvements to this junction, and we urge you to respond. 

We have been concerned for some time about road safety and difficult manoeuvring at this junction. There were four accidents recorded at the junction in the last four years, two of which were serious. One of the serious accidents involved a cyclist.

In addition the S1 bus has difficulty turning left into the High St without crossing into the opposite side of the road.

The scheme includes the following:

  • Proposed new island in Oakhill Road at the junction with High Street;
  • Widening Oakhill Road at the junction with the High Street to enable the installation of the new island;
  • Proposed ‘KEEP CLEAR’ markings in High Street at junction with Oakhill Road to prevent traffic queuing in High Street blocking traffic from exiting Oakhill Road;  and
  • Proposed hatch markings in Oakhill Road between the proposed island and the existing island, which is to be retained.

A plan of the scheme is in the link below.  It has undergone an independent road safety audit.

Our own view is that this proposal does not go far enough.  We have argued for a controlled pedestrian crossing at this junction.  However we accept this would be expensive and the Council does not have the finance to do this.  We would urge you to support these proposals as an improvement on the current situation.  We have asked for the issue to continue to be kept under review.

This is an informal public consultation and if you would like to make any comments or observations, please send them by the end of 12 September 2021 to: Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service, Highways & Transport, 24 Denmark Road, CARSHALTON, Surrey SM5 2JG, or use the online form at this link.

A summary of the responses received will be presented to Sutton Local Committee members and should it be agreed to progress the scheme, there will be further publicity at that stage.

Subject to the outcome of the informal consultation, the scheme will have to undergo a detailed design phase prior to implementation on site.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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