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More progress to brighten up the High St

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 7 January, 2017

More is being done to brighten up the northern end of the High St as part of the ‘Market Place Sutton’ project.  (See here for earlier reports).

Planning permission has been granted for two ‘pop up’ shop kiosks outside Asda’s.


Art murals inspired by H G Wells have been erected in Manor Place by the Tazza cafe.  One based on The Invisible Man – stand beneath the hats to get the effect, and the other inspired by his science fiction – the stars light up when flash photos are taken.2016-12-14-10-58-12



Work on improvements to the shop fronts and upper storeys will begin in February and finish in early May .

The next phase of the work: new trees, seating, the kiosks and art work is due to start in early March and is likely to be completed in early June.

We will continue to keep you updated.



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